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Welcome to WAshington Remote Control Rock Crawlers.

We are based in Washington state with most of our members residing on the west side of the state. The club revolves around the world of RC Crawlers and RC Scalers with members also competing at the national level.

WARCRC originated with a few guys running super trucks (days of the clods). Over the years many class's have been formed and the club has slowly evolved to what it is today. Over the course of 2013 WARCRC will be going thru a makeover and starting with a new domain(forced to) and we will be reworking our club logo.

The Crawler side is USRCCA sanctioned club and follows all USRCCA rules for all our competitions that are held every month and currently have 3 class's (Super,2.2 pro,2.2 sporty).

The Scaler side follows all SORRCA rules and they too also have monthly competitions and they run 3 class's (C1,C2,C3). Since the club originated for the crawler stuff there was a group of scaler folks and a big thanks to Justin for taking over that side of it. Also please visit the monthly “scale of the month” area for the latest winner.

We always welcome newcomers to both aspects of the hobby be it crawler or scaler.