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Default Update for 2-19-2009

updates for 2-19-2009

1-We will be going back to a Full on old school drivers meeting with penalty demo

2- If you compete you will at sometime be required to score or judge and know how to do it correctly. Ask at anytime if you have questions.

3- The club fees are 20.00 per year to have your points tracked and recorded, and should be paid by the 3rd comp of the new season, You can pay your club dues with PayPal or at most comps. You can also donate to the club anytime of the year you want using PayPal.

4- All the club funds allow us to pay for trophies, hats, hoodys, raffle prizes etc.

5- If someone you know is not ready to judge or score because they are new, please stay at your post till the next qualified person comes up.

6-All drivers should be prepared to judge and / or score keep for any class they run. You may be asked by the event marshal to help out at any time, regardless of where in line you fall, in order to make sure everybody helps carry the load. If you are unsure of your abilities or how to do so correctly, we'll team you up with somebody who can help train you.

Also -

7-In order to ensure the integrity of our scoring process: Following every run, it will be the driver?s responsibility to make sure their score is recorded to the master course score sheet before retrieving their individual sheet back from the scorekeeper. Late recording of scores will not be allowed. The scorekeeper will maintain control of a driver's individual sheet during any off-course repair periods.

8- Please try to use, sign up and try to do it at least 3 days prior to the comp, sooner is always better than later, that gives us time to plan and have all the needed supplies.
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