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Default trx4 to cherokee

new guy here, figured i should probably start off with the awesome stuff.

i've never owned an rc crawler before, but am a huge fan of traxxas cars. when they announced their new crawler, i decided maybe it was time to check out the scaler hobby. bought the very first truck that galaxy hobby got in the building, and fell in love. lots of construction happening where i work, so plenty of places to run her.

rocked it box stock for a couple weeks, then decided i should make it my own. i wanted to build a first gen cherokee, so i picked up the proline body and got to work on making it fit.

the trx comes out of the box with a 324mm wheelbase, so i had to find a way to knock nearly an inch off of that to fit the new body. i also wanted to retain the sweet inner fenders from the trx4's stock defender body. after a bit of monkeying around she was ready to go, complete with fenders now mounted to the chassis

quick coat of paint, and the body popped right on and looked awesome :)

ran it like that for a week or so, and decided it was time to start working on the details. first up, i got myself some brass bits and brazed up a set of rear quarter panel armor. first time experimenting with brazing, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to do

painted those and the rockers with rustoleum bed liner (spray can) and mounted them up. then went and did some extensive product testing.. lol

since the brass bits held up well, i moved on to making a roof rail / rack base for it using the same process and paint. got that mounted up, as well as the hood mount hi-lift. really starting to come together now i think

and here's a quick pic of her posed with her big sister. any guesses where the inspiration for this build is coming from? haha

now it's time to start working in my other new hobby. yay for home-printed accessories!

but that's where i am at this point. i'll be sure to keep this thread updated as i go along.

before i forget, she has a few little upgrades under the shell as well.
tekin 35t motor
savox 1230sg servo
castle bec (powering steering servo only)
sense engine sound kit
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Awesome build!
I'm a newb and I also have a bone stock TRX-4 in gray. Just added a few accessories so far. Struggling to find places to run her. Well I guess I changed the wheels and tires, so not fully stock?
Envious of your 3D printer.
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Looks great! Really digging the trail armor.

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