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Default My Gmade R1 U4RC build

Started this project over the winter but due to funds, i was not able to really make progress on it until recently. I have finally been able to order almost all the parts, and will now be taking my Gmade R1 crawler and modifying it to put it into the 2.2 Solids group.

When i first proposed doing this it was because nobody else had one. I mean i hate being part of the crowd, so if everyone said i was crazy to even try, then AWESOME!!! it was definitely going to be my build of choice. Since that time, and everything i have come to realize i'm freaking insane to even try this, but i am so far into my cash expenditures on this now, and honestly loving the build so much now that i wouldn't back out of it for anything. I really don't care if its competitive, as long as its on the track and completely different :).

So lets start with the vehicle. I had a front/rear steer heavily modified R1 for crawling that i purchased off of craigslist. It had some good parts, and was obvious someone had taken the time to do it right. At that time my thought process was completely focused on Crawling, i wanted to try it so bad and finally had a few dollars so i jumped in. However i quickly learned, i don't really like crawling, because i'm one of those people who cannot do a half car. Yes my vehicle could crawl, but it wasn't really great at it, and the really good crawlers are completely different, so i would need to completely start again if i wanted.

It was during this time that i found WARCRC. i originally joined up for the crawlers, but then i saw something about U4RC. I was instantly entranced, this was what i wanted. I did research and was just completely hooked. I even attended a race, yes this was the thing i wanted to do... now, to get a car....

Everyone had Yeti's, Bomber's.... I.E. Axials.... not much else was really showing it could race. I started thinking, well, if im going to do this i don't want to be another carbon copy... i already have my R1, lets just modify it and go racing... it will be cheaper than getting a new car anyways (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)...........

yeah, i honestly thought that... LOL

SO, after spending almost 600.00 in parts necessary to modify or strengthen the car im finally ready to start. I already know i need another 100.00 in aluminum part for strengthening but i have decided i'm going to break em first then replace them. I want to race.

So i will start my build journal here, as i would like to have a place to see my progress from start to finish.

First i needed a new radio and thankfully one of the members here posted a nice DX4S for sale and i jumped all over it.

Then i needed a new motor, and Justin had one for sale that i thought would work for my needs so i picked up his Novak and ESC and will be using those

now, the parts list for the upgrades.
(if anyone sees anything that they think might have a better choice let me know)

Pitbull Rockbeast XOR Komp Kompound 2.2
SSD Rock Racer 2.2 Aluminum rims
Crawler Concepts Double Deuce 2.2 crawler foams 5.5" with comp cut inner foams, firm outer (since learned this was too large and 5.0 would have been better. However they do fit, and i will run them as the extra stuffing makes the tires very good additional suspension)

Boom Racing Upper and lower links
RC4WD King short course racing shocks - 90mm
Gmade Aluminum Shock Braces

Novak 13.5 Brushless motor

Savox SA-1283SG Coreless Servo
Venom Racing LiPo 2S 7.4V 2000mAh 35C UNI
Castle Creations BEC 10A Switching Regulator

AMF Aluminum hood
AMF Aluminum roof
AMF Aluminum Side Panels

Now the original R1 i purchased had a complete set of Junfac upgrades including steel drive-lines, and aluminum skid-plates for all axles and chassis. Unfortunately it also had rear steering so i had to get the parts to remove this and put back to original config including new drive shafts.

It also came with a complete set of Gmade shocks that while quite nice are all much taller and place the CG way to high. After lots of studies and measurements i decided the 90MM was my best choice. This drops the CG very low yet still allows a good 3/4 inch of travel on the shocks, and between the huge cushioning of my tires, and the shock travel, it gives me a good amount before it bottoms out.

As for colors, i decide to go with a 3 color paint job. Since my Boom racing products are all in gunmetal, and my SSD rims are in Black and Blue i am going to use Black, Blue, with Gunmetal highlights. Looking forward to doing this paint job and this morning i went to the store and picked up all 3 with a primer. Tonight im starting prep, and once the sun comes up i will start painting.

I will start posting pics of the build from the time its stripped to be painted on up. I would show previous pictures but i seem to have lost my location for them, and i have already torn that R1 into pieces just trying to figure out the parts list i needed.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to this build.


prepping for paint


First coat

Colors are starting to come out.... think it looks good, the blue matches the king shocks which was my goal. I think i should be done painting today and hopefully dried enough (stupid weather) if not i guess there is always the heat gun. Hopefully my next shipment will arrive by Wednesday, but not sure when the links will be in, since the place i got them from doesn't believe in shipping like RPP.

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I like different, looking forward to seeing your progress.
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been working on assembly all day and will be posting pictures later... unfortunately i'm still about a week away from having everything to complete it, still waiting on 2 shipments but it definitley has its uniqueness
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Any updates?
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really cool idea. looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
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Nice stuff you got there. Got any updates though?
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