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Default Dual Power Headlight and Driving Light Controller

Do you have one of those crazy bright light bars that runs on 12 volts (or 3S Lipo) and also have lights that run from 6 volts (receiver voltage)?

This controller works on a three position channel or linear channel and will let you have your lights off, or just the low voltage lights or both the low and high voltage lights on.
  1. Off
  2. 6 volt lights on
  3. 6 volt and 12 volt lights on

I use a prototype of this controller on my Wraith. The LV output runs the Axial Simple LED Controller that came with the wraith and the HV output runs the light bar that I got from Crawler-Dad that needs 3S Lipo voltage to operate.
Sometimes the lightbar is just too bright and I only run the simple LEDs but with a flip of the switch, they all come on!

HeyOK Performance RC Electronics
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