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Default Class 2 Dig rule

So I am reading about class rules. Dig is not legal for class 2. Class 2 is defined to mimic a rig built for trails that can still be street legal and drive to the trails. I can set up a full-size rig to have “dig” and still drive to the trails. I have had full sized jeeps with this function. It can be accomplished by a mod to a t-case in Dana 20 Jeep or Dana 20 bronco, Dana 300 Jeep and some others. It can also be accomplished with a Atlas. This can be also used with “cutting breaks”. Independent break lines to rear wheels, you can use e break lines for this. Seems to me we should allow dig in class 2, it is also fun as heck to drive with. I am not trying to make waves and am totally good with our current rules. I think they are set up very well. [emoji2957]

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