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Default Covid 1.9 u4!

Since we are all shut down for fun, its given me plenty of time to build something fun!

Watched many u4 races and done plenty of 2wd indoor buggy racing, figured why not jump in the outdoor fun!

Starting with a cage by Brian Lowery, told him the specs and said have fun! His take on a u4 cage is awesome! Nice and sleek and beefy!

Gonna be pretty basic but shooting for durability as I dont know how to drive it and have a heavy trigger finger!

Drive train is axial 3 gear trans with metal gears and an incision slipper eliminator, incision drive lines going to ssd Diamond axles and stock internals set in place with vanquish 12.3 titanium 4 link set.

Electronics will be a holmes 3300kv pro puller v2 stubby and mamba x esc with a castle 2.0 bec on a tried and true hitech 7950!

Ill be trying plenty of different tires out starting with 10.3 Nitto take offs stuffed with CI single stage foams on Locked Up R/C Manga internal beadlock 1.9s.

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