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MCE Jason 01-17-2020 12:32 PM

Class 2 Dig rule
So I am reading about class rules. Dig is not legal for class 2. Class 2 is defined to mimic a rig built for trails that can still be street legal and drive to the trails. I can set up a full-size rig to have “dig” and still drive to the trails. I have had full sized jeeps with this function. It can be accomplished by a mod to a t-case in Dana 20 Jeep or Dana 20 bronco, Dana 300 Jeep and some others. It can also be accomplished with a Atlas. This can be also used with “cutting breaks”. Independent break lines to rear wheels, you can use e break lines for this. Seems to me we should allow dig in class 2, it is also fun as heck to drive with. I am not trying to make waves and am totally good with our current rules. I think they are set up very well. [emoji2957]

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justinart24 01-17-2020 02:16 PM

To keep it simple, WARCRC follows SORRCA rules but for WARCRC events, you can have a dig in C2 or C1 but you can't use it. Not sure how that is handled at a National event, just fyi. I was on the SORRCA committee and it's hard to keep it different between classes and etc. But I would say, I agree, I kind of would like to see dig in C2 personally but the dig does take away from the scale interior on some builds. Any who, yup... you can run your dig in a c2 truck but just can't use it. :awsome::moo:

MCE Jason 01-17-2020 03:49 PM

Great info thank you!

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justinart24 01-18-2020 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by MCE Jason (Post 165306)
Great info thank you!

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No worries!:awsome::cheers::moo::rockon::yaaa:

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